Investment Solutions

Guiding Principles

Centrepoint Investment Solutions' core beliefs and investment philosophy.

Core beliefs

To provide high quality advice consistent with 'client best interests' and to build scalable businesses, advisers need to be able to:

  • segment their client base effectively
  • focus on strategies required to meet their clients' goals and objectives
  • create investment portfolios aligned with these strategies and tailored to client segments
  • given complexities of markets, partner with world class investment managers to execute on clients' inherent investment objectives
  • access efficient administration structures for investment execution and transparent investor reporting.

Guiding Principles

We aim to provide advisers and their clients with world class investment solutions which:

  • are fully partnered investment options across the risk/return spectrum
  • are managed by world class investment managers
  • provide a choice of investment styles to deliver on overall client and business objectives.

The choice of world-class solutions, investment managers and styles are underpinned by:

  • the delivery of investor returns with a prudent level of risk aligned to their risk profile
  • a total portfolio perspective with all assets working towards a common goal
  • diversification being key to managing risk and volatility¬†
  • competitive implementation costs at all levels for all parties
  • investment professionals with high quality local and/or global research capabilities and proven track records of long-term performance to investment objectives
  • investor beneficial ownership and efficient investment structures that enable investment manager change, if required.