Conferences and Networking

The Centrepoint community is one of the largest financial services networks in Australia. And it’s all yours.

With over 1500 financial advisers and 500 general insurance brokers within our community, we understand the power of networking.

We leverage our strength as one of Australia’s most dynamic financial service providers to pack our events full of inspiring speakers, influential presentations, interactive workshops and real-life case studies.

All the while providing you with the opportunity to connect with our community of brokers, lenders, financial advisers and accountants from across Australia.

Our annual summit is highly regarded in the industry and for good reason. It’s the highlight of our professional development calendar and brings together the entire Centrepoint community.

But having peers you can connect with locally is invaluable. So, we also facilitate local peer groups, webinars and professional development days to connect like-minded brokers to learn, grow and support each other.